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3 Cloud Storage Myths

Cloud computing technology and online data storage for business network concept.

Cloud storage is necessary for any business. With cloud storage, your company’s files and data are backed up regularly, managed, and maintained remotely. This has numerous benefits, including storing your business’ data in case of an emergency like a natural disaster or hackers that can compromise your hardware and software. Keeping a remote backup can help you quickly find files, share them with the right parties, and protect you in case of leaks, viruses, malware, and more. 

Unfortunately, many smaller or independently-owned businesses have not yet upgraded to cloud storage because of a few popular misconceptions about cloud storage. Here are the three biggest cloud storage myths that are preventing many enterprises from moving forward. 

Myth 1: Data and Safety May Be Compromised Remotely

Many individuals have not yet begun storing files on the cloud because they believe their business’ sensitive documents shouldn’t be exposed or compromised – but the exact opposite is true. They are encrypted and kept safe from would-be leaks and hackers by storing essential files on a cloud remotely. Research indicates that there have been very few security breaches when it comes to cloud storage, and overall most companies do not have the necessary tech knowledge to keep their data safe on their own. 

The companies that provide cloud storage have the experience and knowledge necessary to keep multiple business files safe and secure. You’re guaranteed to have control and a backup plan, as well as tech support, should anything go wrong. 

Myth 2: Only Large Companies Need Cloud Storage

You don’t have to be a national chain to require a safe backup of all your documents! It is a myth that small companies don’t need an IT company to maintain a cloud. It requires a large amount of space to store data files even in a small or independently-owned company, and it is precisely these types of companies that don’t have the capital, space, or IT expertise to build an in-house cloud. Therefore, most small companies look to an IT company made up of professionals to do this for them. Cloud storage is scalable and flexible, so you can keep your files intact whether you plan on remaining small or as you grow. 

Myth 3: Using or Switching to Cloud Storage is Difficult and Time-Consuming

This is a big NOPE! Many associations are hesitant to change their technology, incorrectly assuming that it will take a long time to complete file transfers and even longer to learn how to use this new technology. An IT company will make everything very simple for you, including completing all the file transfers using the best technology, which means it will take no time at all. Also, if everything is configured correctly, you’ll have an easier time accessing your files and necessary info, while still keeping it secure so only the appropriate parties can retrieve it. You will be taught how to use any and all tech upgrades and can always call your IT rep for customer service if you have any problems at all. 

Benefits to Cloud

The most significant benefit to upgrading to cloud storage is increased efficiency and fewer costs associated with the expensive technology it takes to maintain data in-house. If you don’t switch to the cloud, your business files will eventually grow to the point where you have to invest in your own technology or your own IT staff to maintain it, access it, and keep it updated. Instead, you can rely on the expertise of the outside IT company that will do all of this maintenance for you. Plus, with cloud storage, you have less downtime, fewer lost files, and more accountability as the cloud can log all sorts of documents, emails, and projects so you can look back at them anytime. 

IT Companies Provide Expertise

If you’re still not sure, call us at Internal Computer Services, at 804-672-1057, and speak to an expert about the services you’re looking for. We have over 20 years of experience serving businesses just like yours, and can create a plan for you based on your particular needs. Don’t get left behind, or worse, risk compromising your company’s most crucial information – switch to cloud and stay ahead!