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As Technology advanced, the demand for Networking Services grew along with System Integration opportunities.

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About Us

ICS History

ICS was founded in 1991 by Mr. Eric Sundin. In the beginning, ICS focused on being a Hardware/Software Value Added Reseller and maintenance provider for local firms here in the Richmond, VA market place. As Technology advanced, the demand for Networking Services grew along with System Integration opportunities. This provided company growth potential into all aspects of Information Technology delivery.

As the technology market changed, ICS would realign to meet market demand, from building White Box Systems, supporting Novell, selling Compaq Systems, Modems, Dot Matrix printers to the internet, Microsoft Server, Cisco, Web Development, Application Development and wireless connectivity, we have designed IT, supported IT and maintained IT.

In addition, in 2000 ICS bid on and won a large IT hardware maintenance contract, where we have developed our own methodologies for delivering 24/7 Service Level Agreement support with an emphasis on Return on Investment (ROI) for the customers in the State and Local Government Market.

With this success, ICS migrated to the Federal Sector in 2006 winning its first Prime contract at the Department of Treasury. Today, ICS continues to operate in all three business sectors by blending customer requirements, ICS experience and technical knowledge to deliver IT system support.


Eric Sundin
Mr. Eric M. Sundin, President and CEO

Eric Sundin, president of Internal Computer Services (ICS), specializes in helping companies survive and prosper during difficult times. The 1971 West Point graduate led by example, when he and his former partner founded his integration computer services company during an economic recession in 1991. Sundin received basic training in creative problem-solving in the military where being imaginative, flexible and adaptive were prized. As an infantry company commander of 140 men in both Korea and Germany his “customers” were his men who he had to train as a unit. Even with limited resources and time he had to develop a sense of urgency to train in the field and also maintain very sophisticated weapon systems. As a Army Special Forces “A” Team leader you have to be self reliant and develop a cohesive team since each soldier has a specialized skill. Sundin states without a doubt both West Point and the Army are the best learning experiences for any entrepreneur.

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Mr. D. Gray Blankenship, Vice President

Mr. Blankenship came to ICS in the fall of 1997. For over 20 years, Mr. Blankenship has worked for the owner Mr. Eric M. Sundin in Information Technology Consulting, Project Management, Contract Management, and Marketing in both the Commercial and Federal Business Sectors. Mr. Blankenship has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Lynchburg College (Class of 96) and a Certificate of Completion from Tidewater Community College Defense & Homeland Security Industry Seminar. Mr. Blankenship has spent his entire professional career with ICS.

Key Personnel
  • Mr. Erik Bucker, Senior Technology Engineer
  • Mr. Andrew Kroll, Maintenance Technician