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HIPAA Compliance For Medical Offices

Important Notice!

On January 20, 2020
Windows 7 & Server 2008 Support


ICS IT HIPAA Compliance Checklist

  • Is your back-up solution redundant and HIPAA compliant?

  • Are you using the latest version of Windows Operating System?

  • Is your antivirus centrally managed and continuously updated?

  • Are you using a secure email solution for patient data?

  • Are your users protected from malicious websites and Ransomware attacks?

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    Windows 7 & Server 2008

    Starting on January 20, 2020, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems will reach their End Of Life (EOL) Product Life Cycle. After this date, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates for these operating systems, making them much more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and cybersecurity risks.

    According to HIPAA, all devices must be within their Product Life Cycle in order to be HIPAA compliant. Even one non-compliant device at its EOL Product Life Cycle can be cause for an entire site being deemed non-compliant. In order to protect the cybersecurity of your business, it is crucial to ensure that all devices are updated to the latest version of their Windows Operating System.

    Contact the cybersecurity experts at Internal Computer Services today to request a free compliance check. Our specialists will ensure that your devices are up-to-date and protected from cyber-attacks, keeping your data secure.