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3 Signs Your Phone Has Been Hacked

Business phones are supposed to be used for work only – but even that has security risks. Cell phones and tablets are at risk of accidentally downloading spyware, malware, and being hacked. Any device is likely to have a plethora of personal information including logins, passwords, financial information, and other info. From contact numbers to banking to email, our lives are centered around our mobile devices. If you do work from your cell phone, or are given a business phone from your job, it’s important that you keep it secure. Take a look at these three signs your phone has been hacked so you can stay aware.

Signs Your Mobile Device Has Been Hacked

There are a few ways to know that your device’s privacy has been jeopardized. Stay aware of the signs and any sudden differences in your phone’s operating system, battery life, or anything else on this list that could protect your information:

  • High data usage – check your data usage every month for anything outside of the norm. You can access this info right from your phone, and compare it month to month to ensure nothing odd is happening.
  • Strange outgoing texts or calls – Go through your history and see if there are any sent messages to numbers you don’t recognize.
  • Unusual activity – Keep track of the accounts you have linked on your phone. Facebook, Instagram, email, and others. Someone who has hacked your device may wreak havoc if they have access.

Other clues that your device may have been breached include your phone suddenly working slower than before. Phones age and become slower over time, but if this happens overnight, you should be wary. If your phone was hacked you’re also likely to notice that some apps don’t work properly, websites you visit often appear different, your bill has unexpected charges, or your email address is suddenly being blocked by ad filters.

What to Do When Your Phone Gets Hacked

If you know for sure that your phone has been hacked, the best thing you can do is reset your device. You can back up your photos, notes, and other important information. You can also install safety software, just like you do on your computer to protect from viruses and hacks. Change all of the passwords on your personal accounts, including any banking or financial apps. If your phone has been sending out strange emails or texts, it’s a good idea to let your contact know so they don’t accidentally open the communication and end up getting hacked themselves.

If your phone is acting bizarrely, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve been hacked. Sometimes devices don’t work of their own accord. If, however, you’re suspicious, you can take your phone to an expert who can determine if there’s outside interference.

In general, the best way to protect your phone, business assets, and company-related digital devices is to rely on a professional team, like Internal Computer Services. Call ICS today and see how they can help ensure your privacy and safety from hackers, viruses, and malware.