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As Technology advanced, the demand for Networking Services grew along with System Integration opportunities.

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4 Signs It’s Time to Outsource Your IT Support

The demand for outsourced IT support increases as a business grows, and it provides a range of benefits from quicker technical integration to overhead cost reduction. Businesses today rely on technology in almost all aspects of their operations, so a strong IT department is crucial.

What does it mean to outsource IT support services?

Outsourced IT support services involve hiring a third-party company to handle any or all IT needs. They work in partnership with your company for a monthly fee and can cover everything from the implementation of operating systems to backing up files and monitoring network security among many other technical processes.

At Internal Computer Services, we specialize in providing IT system support backed by experience and technical knowledge with services that include helpdesk support, IT asset management, system integration, staff augmentation, and more.

Assessing your business demands, system size, and areas that need additional support need to be considered when seeking outsourced services.

You have a backlog of ticket requests

Regardless of your industry, support tickets are created daily, ranging in complexity and department. It can be easy to end up with a substantial number of open tickets and unsatisfied customers when they start piling up, which is common for companies of all sizes, but there are ways to prevent and address it.

Outsourcing IT support can provide quick responses and high-quality customer experiences while streamlining support processes, like creating a ticket prioritization system or automated responses. They can also assist in creating a self-service portal for simple issues that may arise, giving customers the ability to solve issues before opening a ticket.

How do you know when it’s time to outsource? If the number of backlog tickets continues to exceed what can be handled and your overall volume isn’t decreasing, it’s likely time to address the issue.

Routine tasks are taking longer than normal

If your internal team is stuck on routine everyday tasks that are taking longer than anticipated and costing time and resources, outsourcing can relieve the stress and help streamline workflow. An IT support team specializing in a set range of system users is experienced and trained to operate efficiently. It can help simplify operations with automation, system integration, and the documentation process.

You need a quick response to IT requests

Interruptions in service, website errors, and security breaches negatively impact any business, so having 24/7 access to IT support is important for any successful business. Outsourcing IT gives you immediate access to solutions for even the most complex problems with a team working behind the scenes to monitor and optimize server systems. This also applies to system updates and new programs you might need to implement—the necessary changes can be made without pausing operations, saving time and money.

Your company is growing

Managing your IT infrastructure can be a challenge when your business experiences rapid growth and it’s the last issue you want if you start to deal with IT problems. Outsourcing IT services can help relieve some of the burdens on your in-house IT team, giving them the ability to focus on other technological areas. It can also improve business growth by optimizing the infrastructure and being able to swiftly eliminate technical issues.

If you see signs it’s time to outsource your IT support, call Internal Computer Services at 804-672-1057 or contact us online. We’ve worked with businesses across various industries for over 20 years to ensure they’ve got the best tech possible to streamline and expand.