5 Industries Dependent on Modern Technology

As Technology advanced, the demand for Networking Services grew along with System Integration opportunities.

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5 Industries That Can’t Survive Without Modern Tech

5 Industries That Can't Survive Without Modern Tech

Almost every business owner knows that creating a website is the first step to starting a business. But tech infrastructure goes much deeper than that, and established businesses with a solid clientele are responsible for providing the best experience possible for their customers and their employees. Proper tech infrastructure means security, backups, a solid bookkeeping system, website hosting, technical customer service, shared networks, and a host of other details that come together into a seamless digital experience. 

Certain industries especially benefit from an improved technical structure. If the last few years of digitization have taught us anything, it is that every business must be prepared to work mostly online. Here are five industries that can’t survive without modern technical infrastructure. 

1) Healthcare

Technology is essential in this industry, whether you’re a private local medical office or a large medical service. Recent consumer reports have shown that the majority of patients prefer the option of making appointments online and communicating through text and email. In the background, every medical establishment must have a secure system in place to store patient files. Keeping track of doctor communications, billing documents, prescriptions, and other key details should all be done on a well-maintained and backed-up system. 

2) Retail and E-Commerce

Through the last pandemic, current inflation, and the rent crisis, most retailers have learned they need to have an online presence to make it. Not just a social media following, but a thorough experience for customers. That means secure shopping, immediate customer service, tracking communications, and seamless hosting. 

The most successful retailers not only provide the basics but have created entirely new ways of shopping online. From features where you can shop with a personal assistant to digitally viewing what an item would look like placed in your home,, these innovations are leading the way. The way we all shop is changing, and all e-commerce businesses must follow suit. 

3) Transportation

Ride-share apps are the most popular way to travel because they finally give consumers a digital option. Most public transportation systems across cities have followed suit and provided mobile apps to track buses and trains and more accessible ways to buy rides. This industry will continue to be defined by technological progress. 

4) Travel and Hospitality

With every consumer going online to book their flights and make reservations, travel and hospitality businesses must have a solid presence. In addition to a fast-loading website, you’ll need great photos of your rooms and the ability to book online. On the back end, your business needs a solid system to make sure files are in order and rooms aren’t overbooked. 

5) Real Estate

Real estate companies and agents should at least have a great website. The biggest companies have a digital team that consistently updates the site, so more potential clients can find listings. Additionally, agents have to be able to communicate digitally and work with people online. 

If your company falls into one of these industry categories and you’re having trouble with your tech infrastructure, call Internal Computer Services at 804-672-1057. We can help you get your business up to date. We offer network support, IT asset management, system integration, tech support, and can even help with staff augmentation.