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Benefits of Creating Backups for Small Businesses

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Small businesses are often reluctant to switch to a cloud backup system – after all, it is a big change. However, it’s impossible to run a business without one these days! As an owner, manager, or CEO, you’re responsible for all the paperwork from your company and you should have access to any file you need when necessary. A paper system leaves too many holes, and if you’re storing information on your computers, you must have a backup of your files. 

It’s more than a “just in case” scenario. Using a cloud backup can help you reduce costs, improve scalability, eliminate data loss, and avoid losing your important files to viruses and hackers. 

What is Cloud Backup?

Everything that’s done in your office or on a work computer by any employees is saved and recorded on a cloud backup system that is managed by a professional company that keeps all logs secure. This means you won’t be missing any emails, invoices, or documents. If that information is erased for any reason, you, or the appropriate party, will be able to access that file in the backup. 

Backups Save Small Businesses

Unfortunately, the statistics on viruses, hacks, and malware are through the roof – no matter how much security you have, there’s always a chance that your website or your company’s files may be hacked or affected by a virus. Small and medium-sized independent companies are prone to cyber attacks, and the outcome is much worse than when it happens to a huge, global-sized company. When you risk losing your important documents and paperwork you risk losing customer loyalty as well!

Technology isn’t always reliable. Computers can break, and if your only storage was on that computer, you’re out of luck unless you have a backup of all the files. By storing your important documents on a cloud backup, you always have access, even if your technology breaks,  becomes stolen, or is damaged in a natural disaster. 

Using a cloud backup can save you money. In the past, in order to have a backup, you had to have an external drive or two in order to store all the files. It has even been recommended to keep two or three drives with files backed up in case something happens. With a cloud backup, everything is stored online on a separate server, so you don’t have to purchase any extra equipment or worry about maintaining that equipment. Plus, cloud services work constantly – meaning everything is saved and backed up right away. You don’t have to personally take the time to save every file on another drive, or worry about doing it once a day to avoid missing something. Everything happens automatically.

If your business is growing and requires cloud backup services, call Internal Computer Services at 804-672-1057. With over 30 years of experience, we can help businesses of any size complete their cloud backup. We maintain the backup server for you, so that it’s always encrypted and safe. You’ll be able to access any document you need in minutes!