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Does Free Anti-Virus Software Work For Small Businesses?

Protecting your business from potential cybercrime is one of the most important things you can do. If you’re wondering, “Does free anti-virus software work for small businesses?” it’s likely time to call in an IT firm and consult with them. A professional IT company can help small businesses by assessing their firewalls and anti-virus programs, and checking if they work – or if they’re enough to protect your clients’ sensitive information. Unfortunately, companies big and small have been facing cybersecurity threats. Facebook, Google, Target, and recently, 20 different government agencies have been the victim of hackers.

Small businesses have even more at stake. Once clients figure out their information isn’t secure, they won’t be back. Giant corporations can recover easily, but this usually isn’t the case for small businesses. The U.S. National Cyber Security Alliance estimated that 60 percent of all small businesses who have been hacked fail within six months. So it’s vital to find a way to make sure your important data doesn’t get stolen.

How to Protect Small Businesses from Cyber Attacks

When you’re deciding on anti-virus software and firewalls to install, it’s important that you choose licensed software that is designed for company use. Most of the common free programs – like AVG and Avast! – are only designed for personal use and personal computers. You can do research to see what the best options are for businesses.

Before downloading anything, check reviews across websites to make sure the program isn’t a scam. You can check for certificates and licensing on the virus blocker’s website. You should also read any user agreements before you accept them, because most programs will lay down guidelines on how their programs can be used. For example, many popular adblockers don’t work for commercial purposes.

Make sure you’re using modern and updated software, as these programs detect viruses that they know about, or are related to ones they know about. If someone writes a new virus and your program is out-of-date, it’s likely not going to be able to detect it.

Can Free Anti-Virus Help Small Businesses?

Of course, installing legitimate anti-virus and firewall software can help prevent some basic threats. The thing is, most cyberattacks no longer come in the form of viruses. Your business can be phished, which means that a hacker has access to all your financial records and numbers. You can suffer from a DDoS attack, which blocks your customers from doing business through your website. There are many more such threats out there, so don’t rely on your anti-virus software to stop them all.

Call a Local IT Firm

The best thing you can do as you’re growing your business is hire a professional IT company to handle your technological issues. An IT company can make sure you have the necessary technology to stop most cyber attacks. They can also help you if you do succumb to a digital disaster. If you do get hacked, it’s best to have experts take control of the situation so that your business doesn’t suffer. If you need help protecting your business from viruses and hackers, call Internal Computer Servies at 804-672-1057. Our experts have been working with local Virginia businesses for 20 years and can help you create a plan to stay safe.