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As Technology advanced, the demand for Networking Services grew along with System Integration opportunities.

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Is My Business’s Technology Old?

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Having new and up to date technology is important when maintaining a successful business. Nowadays, new technology is easier and cheaper to manage, and there are plenty of benefits to using it. However, technology changes fast, so it’s important to know if your technology is outdated.

Is Your Technology Working for You?

Assess what programs, software, and hardware you’re currently using and compile it into a list. Go down the list and take note of any programs that aren’t being used that often. Mark any broken machines. There’s no need to pay extra for any technology that isn’t useful to you. Remove any old and unused programs. If you’ve invested in bookkeeping, organizational, or communication apps and are not using them, you should think about why. Are there features you don’t like? Do you know how to utilize the app properly? Do new employees find files easily? If not, then it’s time to research some new programs to replace the ones that you don’t use.

Replace any old hardware with newer editions. For example, if it’s taking your staff more than a few minutes to print something – you may need to upgrade your printer so that they can stay productive! 

We also recommend checking to ensure you have the latest updates for all of your programs and hardware. Companies constantly release bug fixes and new features through updates, and if you haven’t stopped to download them, chances are, your programs may be out of date. 

Internet, Security, and Connections

If your internet is slow, frequently crashing, goes out randomly, etc., it can impact efficiency at work. Your security should also be up-to-date to prevent hacking and leaks of personal information. 

As you expand, it is also important to make sure that your website can handle higher numbers of traffic and doesn’t look old and outdated. Your website can be someone’s first impression of your business, so it is important to keep it modern and efficient. If someone is trying to shop, read, or contact your business and your site keeps crashing, chances are you’ve lost that customer. Technology that doesn’t work can harm your brand’s reputation. 

How to Upgrade Your Business’s Tech

Here are a few easy and efficient ways to upgrade your business’s technology:

  • Tech for better customer service: As your company grows, you may require a help desk to forward customer’s calls. Or your business may need technical support to make sure your website and all of its features are working properly. Chatbots, customer service emails, and other features make it easier to stay organized and can be acquired with the help of a local IT company.
  • Upgraded systems or new organizational systems: If your internal infrastructure is outdated, or you don’t have one, it’s a really simple service that can improve your company’s functionality. By placing your records, receipts, and necessary documents into a system, you can quickly get your paperwork organized. It also makes it much easier for new employees to get acclimated. 
  • Better website hosting for incoming traffic: There comes a point where every business outgrows its hosting! If you’re dealing with more traffic than you can handle, you can get website hosting from an IT company that will be able to handle your increasing traffic and keep loading speeds fast.

If you’re looking to upgrade your business’s technology, or just want to consult with an expert to see where you can make updates, call Internal Computer Services at 804-672-1057. We have more than 20 years of experience working with various businesses to improve their technology… and productivity!