Optimize Administrative Work With Technology

As Technology advanced, the demand for Networking Services grew along with System Integration opportunities.

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Streamlining Administrative Work With Technology

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Technology has changed every single workplace in numerous ways. One of the best aspects is that technology is a time-saver! Office tech can help you do everything from keeping track of your sales to hiring new staff. If you’re not sure if you’re using your technology the right way, we have some tips for streamlining administrative work with technology. 

Quick & Accurate Administrative Work

Of course, you want to be able to speed up the process and give your staff an easier way to complete certain daily tasks in a way that saves them time and effort. But it is equally important to be accurate. Luckily, the types of programs you can use are far more accurate and you’ll find a lot less human error. 

For example, when a new employee is hired it is likely that they must fill out a variety of paperwork to get registered through the human resources department. Your company may even be small enough that you don’t have an HR department. These routine tasks are often cumbersome and time-consuming when your time can be better spent on more productive tasks. Streamline these tasks by using a program that will keep track of all of your HR files for you and monitor when employees fill them out. That way, you can easily log in and make sure your new hire is good to go, without doing the back-and-forth email process. Use this technology to keep track of new hire paperwork, tax, healthcare, and benefits forms, payroll records, PTO requests, and other vital company statistics. Therefore you will always have them at hand and never have to worry about missing information. 

Similarly, file-sharing programs will allow your new hires to get on track quickly and easily. In fact, it can help your whole team communicate and complete projects efficiently. Since it often takes time to hunt down older files and paperwork that are necessary for any new or existing employees, a file-sharing program gives them easy access to everything they need to get the ball rolling (and saves the rest of the department a ton of time!). 

Better Team Management

Going high-tech can give you more control over your team and your business. While a lot of small and medium-sized companies resisted the urge to go digital, the recent pandemic has shown that plenty of jobs can be done from home, and with the right resources, you can actually manage your team and projects better. Organization is a big part of this. When you have written records of assignments, staff communications, and progress reports for projects, it gives you and your team a greater sense of accountability. 

Through file-sharing programs and communication apps, your staff can easily message each other about projects and send them back and forth. You can use a program or app to keep track of open projects, and check-in with your staff every day, leave deadlines, and mark projects completed so that you never miss a beat. 

You can also have a backup of all of your files so that you don’t have to waste time manually looking through a filing cabinet – everything will be organized by date and time and you can easily search your database to find what you need. In cases of emergency weather situations or break-ins, at least you won’t have to worry about your company’s most precious documents. 

Additionally, better technology gives you better security over your files. You can password-protect files or make it so that only certain employees or departments see only the files they need to complete their job. 

Work With an IT Company

If you’re looking to streamline your administrative tasks with better technology, call Internal Computer Services at 804-672-1057 and speak to an IT expert. We’ve been working with independently-owned companies of all sizes for over 30 years to help them streamline and save time. From website management to creating backups of company files, we can create a custom plan that works for your business.