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5 Benefits of Staff Augmentation Services

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One of the hardest parts of having a staff is actually hiring one. The hiring process is often difficult and time-consuming, which leaves your remaining employees to pick up the slack while you search for the individual with the right skillset. Staff augmentation services were born out of this predicament – it’s easier for hiring managers, HR, or whoever is in charge of hiring to let a service screen candidates first. Top-level businesses all use staff augmentation services by now. It’s an industry standard. Let’s talk about the 5 benefits of staff augmentation services.

1. Save Time and Money

The first part is a no-brainer – time is money, and hiring takes time and energy from your employees that can be dealing with other things. However, using staff augmentation also saves you costs because you can pick and choose employees for short or long-term projects. You can hire as many people as you need on a part-time basis to complete tasks for a particular deadline, rather than hiring short-term full-timers. This part-time staff often works from home, saving you time and money. You can hire for your immediate needs quickly and carefully, choosing individuals that have the particular skill set needed for a project. This reduces overhead costs, saves you on a full-time salary and benefits, decreases training costs, and gives you the freedom to quickly terminate contracts when necessary. 

2. Find Better, More Qualified Staff

Certain companies and projects require very specific skills that are tough to find. It’s time-consuming and often businesses don’t have the same resources necessary to find ultra-qualified individuals. An IT company or agency doing staff augmentation does have those resources. They have connections and a wide field of individuals they can vouch for, making it easier to find specific qualifications. Staff augmentation isn’t necessarily the same as outsourcing, rather, it’s meant to find employees that can supplement your existing staff for specific tasks and projects. Your work will have a better outcome with more specifically-qualified individuals.

3. Greater Flexibility and Sizeability

Augmenting your staff with professional help gives you the freedom to size up or down as your business calls for it. You also have more flexibility than ever before. Important projects sometimes require not just special skills, but changes in terms of staff size. Sometimes you need more people than you thought you would, or a client has a request that leaves you needing to find a worker that can complete it. Any number of scenarios happen, and in the business world, you have to be willing to change and adapt to meet your clients’ needs. Staff augmentation services can help with that. 

4. Efficiency

We’ve reiterated a few times how time-consuming finding staff is. It’s a great idea to log how much time and energy goes into hiring the right person for a job so you can see exactly how you can increase efficiency in your office. Augmenting staff with a qualified person means you don’t have to spend as much time on training or other administrative complications. The company you work with will oversee payroll, performance issues, coaching, and termination so you don’t have to waste your resources. Not to mention, failing to hire enough staff puts added pressure on your existing staff which will reduce their performance. Improve your overall efficiency with staff augmentation services.

5. Have an Unbiased Workforce

Your in-house staff is used to completing projects the same way, every time. A fresh perspective and an unbiased opinion is another benefit to hiring through staff augmentation services. Individuals with new skills and other experiences can help improve a project in ways you never thought possible. It’s a way of bringing in a new way of looking at things, new ideas, and can even pin-point overlooked shortfalls.

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